Our commitments

DELTECH underlying values are RESPECT and EMPATHY together with INNOVATION and PROFESSIONALISM.



Regarding other people, words and commitments . This is a strong value that governs the relationship between the company employees, from managers to salaries and vice versa. It also governs the relationship with our customers and our suppliers, our financial partners, and also our partners at large. Finally, it governs our situation concerning our natural and social environment.



Regarding colleagues, subordinates, supervisors, customers, suppliers or partners . It raises questions about the other’s needs and how to meet this need if it is respectable, respectful and realistic.



DELTECH is always questioning, searching for better solutions, broaden our scope. This applies to look for or to create new products, new markets. This also applies to the administrative, commercial and production organization. Finally it also concerns the management organization, our relationships with other people and our environment.



All we set up or produce has to be done according to the rules in any field. If our performance does not meet our expectation and this requirement, we have to do everything possible to succeed.